The Society Of the Cincinnati in The State of Connecticut

The Capture of the Hessians at Trenton, December 26, 1776-1828. Left: Jonathan Trumbull Jr. (1740-1809) - Speaker of the Us House of Representatives. Right: Jonathan Trumbull Sr. (1710-1785) - Governor of Connecticut
The Battle of Bunker's Hill, June 17, 1775. Right: William Hull (1753-1825) - Lieutenant-Colonel in the Continental Army
The Resignation of General Washington, December 23, 1783. Left: Thomas Y. Seymour (1757-1811) - Lieutenant in the 2nd Continental Regiment of the Dragoons
The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton, January 1777

Capt Epaphroditus Champion

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Epaphroditus Champion was born on April 6, 1756 in Westchester, Connecticut. He was the son of Henry Champion (b. 1723 d. 1797) and Deborah Brainard (b. 1724 d. 1789). Epaphroditus Champion had eight siblings: Henry (b. 1747 d. 1750); Epaphroditus (b. 1749 d. 1752); Henry, born 1751, who married Abigail Tinker; Deborah, born 1753, who married Samuel Gilbert; Dorothy, born October 29, 1759, who married Julius Deming; twins born September 11, 1762 – Mary who married first William Bulkeley and second Roger Bulkeley, and Elizabeth who married Lemuel Storrs; and lastly, Esther, born 1765, who married Moses Cleaveland..


Epaphroditus Champion died at East Haddam, Connecticut on December 22, 1834.


Epaphroditus Champion married Lucretia Hubbard at East Haddam, Connecticut on December 17, 1781. She died at East Haddam on June 20, 1836. Lucretia was born September 23, 1760 at Hatfield, Massachusetts, the daughter of Elisha Hubbard and Lucy Sterns.


Epaphroditus and Lucretia Champion had three children:

Lucretia Champion was born at East Haddam, Connecticut on February 17, 1783 and died at the home of a granddaughter on January 19, 1882 at New Haven, Connecticut. Lucretia Champion Bacon’s children were as follows: Epaphroditus Champion Bacon, unmarried, who was born in 1810 and died in Seville, Spain on January 11, 1845. Frederick Asa Bacon. Born 1812, who married Sarah A. Harris. Francis Bacon, born 1819, who married Elizabeth S. Dutcher.

Clarissa Champion, born February 24, 1785, who died October 22 , 1801.

Epaphroditus Champion, born October 21, 1786, who died July 16, 1841. He never married.


Merchant and politician.


Assistant Deputy Commissary of Purchases. According to his pension application:

. . . he joined the army April 12, 1776, and was appointed deputy commissary and served under Colonel Joseph Trumbull, Commissary General, until October 2, 1777; October 3, 1777, he was appointed purchasing commissary and served under Peter Colt, Deputy Commissary General of Purchases, until January 31, 1778. His father, Colonel Henry Champion, in February, 1778, was appointed deputy commissary general for supplies, and he served under him as purchasing commissary, until January 22, 1780.




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Biographical information compiled by V. Allen Gray.